Blue Flower

As the new year is upon us, it is time to take a look what our group has accomplished in 2017. It was a busy year for us, as we were invited to several regions of Russia to conduct full-length, full-immersion primary search and RIT/FAST classes, as well as a number of shorter training engagements. In this article I will give you a snapshot of some of these events.

As a reminder, our typical full-length, full-immersion class sequentially covers three topics: fireground survival for search teams, primary search and introduction to search-based rapid intervention. The classes are typically 70 hours long, they run for 8 full days with additional one or two days of rest in the middle, and each day is a full-time experience with three homework assignments throughout the course and a final written and practical test. Activities include classroom presentations, skills practice sessions and combat evolutions.