Blue Flower

Beginning with September 2016 issue, the "Firefighting" magazine in Russia (a rough equivalent of the Fire Engineering or Firehouse magazines here in the US) will be publishing a series of my articles on primary search. In this series I will be both gradually presenting the systematic explanation of primary search as a discipline as well as touching upon important current issues and topics that firefighters conducting primary search are facing.

In the first article of the series I am presenting my extended definition of primary search along with the discussion of its individual components. In the same article I am also describing the ladder of mastery that explains how primary search skills are related to the fireground survival and RIT/FAST skills. If you can't read Russian, that's OK, you can find a similar discussion of all of these topics on this website in English here and here.

However, if you do understand Russian, you can either download and save a copy of the article in PDF format or you can view it right here on this page.

Download a copy of the article in PDF format