Blue Flower

In November 2016 issue of the "Firefighting" magazine you can find a third article of my series on primary search. This time I touch upon the most important topic for the survival of a modern firefighter – fireground priorities. In my article I present a modified system of priorities that places your own safety on top of the list.

The article not only lists the modified priorities on the fireground, but also demonstrates why such modified system actually gives the best chances of survival to both civilians and firefighters. If you can't read Russian, that's OK, you can find a similar discussion of all of these topics on this website in English here.

However, if you do understand Russian, you can either download and save a copy of the article in PDF format or you can view it right here on this page. The article was selected as a featured content in this issue, so it is also available online at the magazine's web-site.

Download a copy of the article in PDF format