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As we begin a new year, the series of my articles on primary search continues in the "Firefighting" magazine. This time, in January 2017 issue, we begin discussing small area search (also known as standard search) and we start this discussion by presening the fundamental principle of the small area search – wall following – as well as listing and describing the most typical mistakes made by the firefighters when conducting this type of search.

We discuss how the fundamental principle of wall following allows you to traverse the layout in systematic way and, most importantly, exit the building either by continuing forward or turning around on the same wall.

As far as the most typical mistakes that we discuss in this article, here is the list: failing to follow the wall from the entry point and starting to do so in the middle of the layout, having a fixed preference for following on one particular side (left or right), moving one after another instead of following the team leader on the side ("choo-choo train problem"), attempting to walk upright in reduced or zero visibility, not understanding what team continuity means and, most importantly, using large teams in small area search (three or more members).

These are the mistakes that should be eradicated in the very beginning of the training process, before the team starts learning the principles of small area search navigation (which will be discussed in the future articles).

If you can't read Russian, that's OK, you can find a similar discussion of most of these topics on this website in English here, here and here.

However, if you do understand Russian, you can either download and save a copy of the article in PDF format or you can view it right here on this page.

Download a copy of the article in PDF format