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Starting this May I was pretty busy teaching several primary search seminars and doing course development work, so I kind of fell behind in keeping you up to date on my monthly articles that "Firefighting" magazine continues to publish. So, it's time to catch up on that.

In the April's issue article we were discussing the "Door" + "Split" method in further detail. As this method of navigation and team coordination is more advanced, it requires the use and understanding of several important points that we simply did not have space to discuss in the March issue when we introudced the "Follow" and "Split" methods. This is exactly why we dove into more detail in April.

As a reminder, the previous article of the series presented two ways how firefighters can use the "Door" algorithm in practice – that is by using "Split" and "Follow" add-ons.

While the first option ("Follow") is fairly simple, the second method ("Split") requires more coordination within the team. That's the price you pay for being able to deliver a more complete coverage in complex layouts containing loops. As an important reminder, "Split" method should never be attempted by novice teams - such teams must stick with a simpler and safer "Follow" method.

In April I presented more information on the the "Split" method. Specifically we have looked at:

  • How "Split" method works in both dead-end and pass-through compartments.
  • How the navigation can be accelerated when going through the door that has been previously traversed. This can be accomplished by using an "Express" mode (which simply involves temporarily switching to "Follow" method until the next door is found).
  • And finally, what to do when the compartment turns out to be too large to maintain team continuity.

If you can't read Russian, you can find a basic version of this information in this training video in English. However, be sure to watch the other two training videos first (part 1part 2), as they present important foundation concepts.

However, if you do understand Russian, you can either download and save a copy of the article in PDF format or you can view it right here on this page.

Download a copy of the article in PDF format