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Congratulations, you have just finished reading the introduction to primary search. In this introduction we have discussed important definitions, listed ten fundamental principles of conducting and teaching this exciting discipline, as well as reviewed the place of primary search among other firefighting disciplines.

I hope that this information formed a good foundation for future learning and changed the way you look at primary search. Of course, this has been just a brief summary and the list of important principles does not end there. I will cover some other topics aimed at increasing the safety and efficiency of your searches in Culture sub-section as well as in various technical articles throughout the website as I post them. If you want to gain access to all this information right away, I suggest reading my book titled Primary search tactics, strategy and culture (English edition is being prepared for print, Russian edition is available).

With that being said, I think you are now ready to jump into technical topics by reading the articles and watching the videos in Methodology and Analysis sections.

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