Blue Flower

Remember we had a training video and an article in which I was explaining how a good search rope bag should be organized? Well, quite a lot of people were interested in making similar bags themselves, so I was asked a number of times about dimensions and construction of such bag.

While I am using a commercially available bag (and I am not advertising any particular brand), nothing should stop you from making your bag yourself, and this is why I decided to make a little printable flyer that has both dimensions and construction of the bag.

All dimensions are approximate, so the intent is not to make a "boot-leg" copy of a particular model of the bag, but rather to share the knowledge about how a good search line bag should be designed. I encourage everyone to think about how this design can be improved even further.

Please watch the previous video in addition to reading this flyer, as it contains important information that will affect your safety and performance while using the bag and the search line.

Also, there was one important thing that I forgot to mention in my original video, so I am correcting this mistake by including this information in the flyer. It has to do with the importance of securing the running end of the search rope against the bag, unless you want to exhaust the length of your rope during the search and keep going without even noticing that you have lost your search line. The best way to secure the rope against the bag is by having an internal D-ring at the bottom of the bag and attaching the running end of the rope to it.

Depending on your preferences you can either download and save the PDF file with the flyer or view it right in your browser.

Download a copy of the flyer in PDF format